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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

North Carolina Community College Transfers

Four-Year Degree Plans for North Carolina Community College Transfer Students

Chowan University is a participant in the Independent College Articulation Agreement with the North Carolina Community College System. A student who completes the Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree from a North Carolina Community College institution can continue his or her education at Chowan University, pursuing one of the baccalaureate programs below. To view a four-year degree plan, click on a program.

Biology, B.A.  

Biology, B.S.  

Biology, Chiropractic, B.S.  

Biology, Pre-Professional, B.S.  

Business, B.A.  

Business Administration, Accounting, B.S.  

Business Administration, E-Commerce, B.S.  

Business Administration, Information Systems, B.S.  

Business Administration, Management, B.S.  

Business Administration, Marketing, B.S.  

Business and Design, B.S.  

Comprehensive Science Education, B.S.  

Criminal Justice, B.S.  

Educational Studies, B.S.  

Elementary Education, B.S.  

English, B.A.  

English, Creative Writing, B.A.  

English Education, B.A.  

Exercise Science, B.S.  

Fine Arts Studies, B.A.  

General Studies, B.A.  

General Studies, B.S.  

Graphic Communications, B.S.  

Graphic Design, B.S.  

Health and Physical Education, B.S.  

History, B.A.  

History, B.S.  

History, African American History and Culture, B.S.  

History, Pre-Law, B.S.  

History, Public History, B.S.  

Humanities Studies, B.A.  

Humanities Studies, B.S.   

Integrative Studies, B.A.  

Integrative Studies, B.S.  

Mass Communication, Communication Studies, B.A  

Mass Communication, Sports Media, B.A. 

Mathematics, B.A. 

Mathematics, B.S.   

Mathematics Education, B.S. 

Music, B.A. 

Music, Music Industry, B.A.  

Music Education, B.S. 

Psychology, B.S.  

Psychology, Applied Psychology, B.S. 

Recreation, Wellness, and Sport, B.S  

Religion, B.A.  

Social Sciences, B.A.  

Social Sciences, B.S.  

Social Studies Education, B.S.  

Sport Management, B.S.  

Studio Art, B.A.  

Studio Art, B.S  

Studio Art, Pre-Art Therapy, B.S