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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Physical Education (K-12), B.S.

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Educational Outcomes

  1. Health and Physical Education majors will know and apply discipline-specific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of health educated and physically educated individuals.
  2. Health and Physical Education majors will be able to plan and deliver instruction that demonstrates mastery of health and physical education content, appropriate use of pedagogical skills, and appropriate integration of technology.
  3. Health and Physical Education majors will demonstrate the ability to collect and analyze data from formative and summative assessment to support learning for all students.
  4. Health and Physical Education majors will understand the importance of and be an advocate for health and physical education in the K-12 curriculum

GPA 2.95


Admission Policies and Requirements

Admission to Teacher Education

Following the successful completion of the University’s General Education requirements and obtaining a passing score on the PRAXIS* Core Academic Skills Examination, students must submit a formal application to the Dean of the School of Education and satisfy the following admission requirements:

  1. GPA of 2.95 or better on all University work completed to date.
  2. Complete required criminal background check.**
  3. Obtain written recommendation from major advisor and one additional faculty member.
  4. Write an essay on the topic, “What Makes an Effective Teacher.”
  5. Completed education disposition assessment by advisor.
  6. Completed education disposition assessment by student.
  7. Successful interview with the Unit Admissions Committee.
  8. Achieve a grade of C or better in ENGL 101, ENGL 102, and COMM 101 or COMM 201, and EDUC 201 - Introduction to Teaching.
  9. Join TaskStream and maintain membership.

* Students with a total SAT score of 1150 (reading and math) or better or a composite ACT score of 24 or better are exempt from PRAXIS* Core Academic Skills Examination​ requirements.

The members of the Unit Admissions Committee render the final admission decision.

Admission to Student Teaching

Before being permitted to register for EDUC 480 - Directed Student Teaching , students must have met the following requirements:

  1. Achieve an overall GPA of 2.95 or better and receive a “C” or better on all specialty/content and professional studies courses.
  2. Complete all courses and requirements in the Department of Teacher Education except those identified as part of student teaching on the checklist of courses required for graduation.
  3. Complete all academic courses in the major discipline deemed essential for successful student teaching (refer to University catalog or www.chowan.edu).
  4. Complete required criminal background check.
  5. Complete a formal application to student teaching.

Minimum Graduation Requirements (125 credit hours)

C or Better On All Specialty/Content, Professional Studies, and Student Teaching Courses

Professional Studies (15 credit hours)

Additional Requirements (7 credit hours)

Plus (6 credit hours)

C or Better in IS 101 and COMM 101 or COMM 201

General Education Requirements (33 credit hours)

First Year Experience (4 credit hours)

College Writing (7 credit hours)

Religion (3 credit hours)

History (6 credit hours)

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Choose from the following:

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

  • 100 level or higher Credits: 3 hours

Health (3 credit hours)

Physical Education Activity (1 credit hour)

  • Physical Education Activity Credits: 1 hour

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