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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Teacher Education


Brenda S. Tinkam, Chair and Elementary Education Coordinator (B.S. and M.Ed.)
David E. Ballew, Social Studies Education Coordinator
Ella E. Benson, Master of Arts in Teaching Coordinator (Elementary Education and Secondary Education)
Mary Ann Earp
James L. Hammond, Health and Physical Education Coordinator
Timothy S. Hayes, English Education Coordinator
Mary E. Hellmann, Music Education Coordinator
Heather L. McGuire, Comprehensive Science Education Coordinator
Thomas H. Whitaker, Mathematics Education Coordinator

Preparing Committed Professional Educators with Knowledge and Practices for a Continuously Changing World

The mission of teacher preparation at Chowan University is to prepare committed professionals to provide quality instruction for all learners. This mission aligns with the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarly inquiry, and service in a Judeo-Christian environment. Through rigorous curricula, modeled pedagogy, and careful program planning, the School of Education equips its graduates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to educate all students in an ever-changing, diverse world.

Administered through the School of Education, the vision of teacher preparation programs at Chowan University is to prepare committed professional educators with knowledge and practices for a continuously changing world.

The School of Education prepares individuals for teaching careers in elementary and secondary schools. The programs of study enable teacher candidates to gain competence in specialized and general areas of teaching. The Bachelor’s degree in Education is offered through the School of Education in the following teacher preparation programs:

  • Comprehensive Science Education - prepares students to teach science in grades 9-12
  • Elementary Education - prepares students to teach in the elementary school, grades K-6
  • English Education - prepares students to teach English in grades 9-12
  • Health and Physical Education - prepares student to teach health and physical education content and activities in grades K-12
  • Mathematics Education - prepares students to teach mathematics in grades 9-12
  • Music Education - prepares students to teach instrumental and vocal music in grades K-12
  • Social Studies Education - prepares students to teach social studies in grades 9-12

The Unit consists of the School of Education and all professional education programs outside the School of Education that prepare professionals to work in P-12 schools. The Head of the Unit is the Dean of the School of Education who effectively manages and coordinates all professional education programs.

Core Outcomes For The Teacher Preparation Program

The Candidate Proficiencies are a demonstrated means of delivering quality instructional strategies that support and promote the ideal that all children can learn and benefit from quality instruction. Students completing the teacher preparation program possess the following characteristics:


Candidates will

  1. Master content and pedagogical knowledge
  2. Understand educational research as a means to improve learning for all students
  3. Understand how students learn and develop, including atypical and exceptional learners


Candidates will

  1. Master and apply a variety of instructional and classroom management strategies to enhance learning for all students
  2. Integrate technology to enhance student learning
  3. Use data from formative and summative assessments to inform instruction


Candidates will

  1. Demonstrate fairness, respect, and appreciation for the diversity among learners
  2. Reflect on knowledge and practices to improve instruction
  3. Engage in scholarly inquiry and professional opportunities
  4. Collaborate with colleagues, students, parents, and community members

Admission Policies and Requirements

Admission to Teacher Education

Following the successful completion of the University’s General Education requirements and obtaining a passing score on the PRAXIS* Core Academic Skills Examination, students must submit a formal application to the Dean of the School of Education and satisfy the following admission requirements:

  1. GPA of 2.90 or better on all University work completed to date.
  2. Complete required criminal background check.**
  3. Obtain written recommendation from major advisor and one additional faculty member.
  4. Write an essay on the topic, “What Makes an Effective Teacher.”
  5. Completed education disposition assessment by advisor.
  6. Completed education disposition assessment by student.
  7. Successful interview with the Unit Admissions Committee.
  8. Achieve a grade of C or better in ENGL 101 , ENGL 102 , and COMM 101  or COMM 201 , and EDUC 201 - Introduction to Teaching .
  9. Join TaskStream and maintain membership.

* Students with a total SAT score of 1100 (reading and math) or better or a composite ACT score of 24 or better are exempt from PRAXIS* Core Academic Skills Examination​ requirements.

The members of the Unit Admissions Committee render the final admission decision.

Admission to Student Teaching

Before being permitted to register for EDUC 480 - Directed Student Teaching  , students must have met the following requirements:

  1. Achieve an overall GPA of 2.90 or better and receive a “C” or better on all specialty/content and professional studies courses.
  2. Complete all courses and requirements in the Department of Teacher Education except those identified as part of student teaching on the checklist of courses required for graduation.
  3. Complete all academic courses in the major discipline deemed essential for successful student teaching (refer to University catalog or www.chowan.edu).
  4. Complete required criminal background check.
  5. Complete a formal application to student teaching.

Advisement and Monitoring of Student Progress

Formal review of all teacher education candidates occurs at three transition points during each student’s career at the University. The monitoring allows faculty to assess the student’s progress and to offer academic advisement as may be warranted.

Transition Points In The Teacher Education Program

  T1 Admission to the Teacher Education Program
  T2 Admission to Student Teaching
  T3 Program Completion

Graduation Without Teacher Licensure

Students who fail to meet the requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program must change their major and may be required to take additional course work in order to receive a degree from Chowan University. Elementary Education candidates must take and pass Foundations in Reading and General Curriculum Multi-Subject Subtest in order to be eligible for a teaching license. Comprehensive Science, English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Music, and Social Studies candidates must take all required parts of PRAXIS II.

Required Components

All students enrolled in a teacher preparation program must satisfactorily complete the following four components within the specific programs of study:

General Education
Specific Content Courses
Professional Studies Courses
Fieldwork/Clinical Practice

Students are required to provide their own transportation to fieldwork/clinical assignments.

Distance Education
  • The M.Ed. degree program was approved by the Faculty and the Administration to be offered both as distance education and face-to-face instruction in December 2020. However, currently Chowan is not offering courses toward this degree online or face-to-face. d in the Adult Degree Completion Program. 
  • The M.A.T. degree program is approved for distance education and face-to-face instruction.
  • The U.S. Federal Government limits the number of online courses that an F­1 (international) student can count towards a full­time course load. It is important that students contact the Registrar before enrolling in online courses so that they can make an informed decision about their enrollment. 


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