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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LitSphere: Creating a Culture of Reading

The Chowan University Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is designed to create a culture of reading by increasing students’ pleasure and enjoyment in reading, leading to an increase in the overall quantity of  material read. The title of the QEP, ‘Lit Sphere’ (Literature Spheres), is derived from Ronna Levy’s research on literature circles in college (Levy 2011). The University’s concept developed through a comprehensive and methodical process over a two and a half year period. The process identified reading as the area most important to improving student success at Chowan University. 
The mission of the Chowan University Lit Sphere Program is to encourage students to become intrinsically motivated readers by fostering a culture of reading for pleasure. We believe that reading for enjoyment will result in students reading more. As a result, we hope students will become more intellectually curious, more engaged as citizens, and more likely to become lifelong learners.
The goals of the program are to increase students’ enjoyment and pleasure in reading and to increase the quantity of material students read. These goals are accomplished through the following three student learning outcomes: 
  1. Students will increase reading.
  2. Students will apply appropriate reading strategies.
  3. Students will increase reading proficiency.
Initiatives designed to achieve the goals include:
  • LitSphere Courses: LS 201LS 202, and LS 301
  • Reading Challenges
  • Reading Chatters
  • Reading Nooks
  • Reading Fest